New Builds

Customer satisfaction is an important measure of success for our Construction Team, so achieving a high standard of finish, on time and with minimum fuss is part of our client value proposition.


When we think of construction we sometimes overlook that a lot of building works occur within existing buildings. Fitout is an important service that Donnan provides which includes offices, sports and recreation as well as educational and training facilities.


Recycling of existing facilities for a new use or a facelift often breathes new life into a building. Our team can help deliver this for you.

Historical Restoration

There is little more rewarding in construction than restoring a treasured example of a bygone era to its former glory.

Value Engineering

When a rigid budget jeopardises your project, Donnan can work with you to uncover ways to make it viable. Whether it’s an alternate construction method, different building material or staging of the works, there will be a solution that won’t compromise the construction or design intent, but enable you to achieve your budget.

Green Living

As a Green Living accredited builder, we aim to be a responsible corporate citizen when it comes to the environment and implement these values in our building techniques.