Project Management

Range of Professional Consulting Services for your building or development needs.

Scoping and Client Brief

Understanding your development requirements is crucial for its success, so even if solutions to your problems are not immediately obvious, our experienced team will analyse your needs and options.

Cost Planning

All projects have a budget, but is the budget adequate to achieve your objectives? And what is driving your objectives, your needs or your budget? We can help you answer these questions to ensure you get the best outcome for the right budget.

Feasibility Study

Determining the measure of success for your project is the most important consideration for Donnan. For some, success will be to achieve a specific financial Return on Investment, for others it might be to squeeze more employees or new operation into the same area. Whatever success means to you, we will work with you to ensure you can achieve it before works proceed.

Existing Condition Reports

Sometimes referred to as Due Diligence Reports, these documents accurately record the existing condition of a property and can be an important risk mitigation tool for your project. Existing Conditions Reports are used for a variety of reasons and Donnan can provide written reports with full design details to accurately reflect what is on site.

Site Selection

If a new site, office or premises are part of your consideration, make Donnan part of your advisory team. We can determine site limitations so that you can make an informed choice and ultimately the right decision for you.

Property Loss Prevention Engineering

It’s not up to your insurer to protect your asset, it’s up to you. Insurance is one form of risk mitigation so being able to demonstrate to your insurer that you have a Risk Plan will help keep your premiums to a minimum and limit your risk exposure. Understanding your properties risk profile is part of your risk mitigation responsibility and Donnan can help you achieve this with Property Loss Prevention Engineering Reports.

Permits and Approvals

When planning permits or approvals are getting in the way of starting work, Donnan can help navigate you through the minefield of red-tape and bureaucracy.