In today’s rapidly evolving and highly technical building industry, design is merely one part of what is required to deliver an excellent design service. Donnan Design understand that good design is a result of an appreciation of compliance with the National Construction Code, Building Commission, local council planning limitations, and what can be done within the legislative framework to meet client’s requirements.

Efficient and Cost Effective Design

The added value of engaging Donnan Design for your development is that they are intrinsically linked to our construction department, so you end up with a buildable, Efficient and Cost Effective design.

Consultant Liaison

A coordinated building consultant team will provide the best possible outcome for your project. Donnan can help you assemble this team and ensure they deliver a united design response, tailored for your specific project needs.

Block Plans and Schematic Design

Defining your requirements using Block Plans or Schematic Drawings is the first step in the design process. Our designers interpret the Client Brief, combining their knowledge of the Existing Conditions to prepare diagrammatic representations from which the design will develop.

Working Drawings

Good documentation is the key to a successful project. Donnan designers will deliver a suitably detailed and well documented set of drawings and specifications from which you can tender or build.

Material Selection

Our experienced and qualified designers can assist you with material selection for your proposed development. With an extensive library of internal and external finishes, matched with solid product knowledge our designers provide a valuable resource for our clients.

Architectural Visualisation

Converting a 2D image to a 3D render or walkthrough is what Donnan designers can do to bring your concept to life. Whether it is to help market your development for a sale or presentation, or just to clarify the design intent, our team have the expertise and software to generate Architectural Visualisations to meet your specific requirements.